Monday, August 3, 2009

johnson family bear lake 2009

Fun times with the Johnson family! I married into good people.

all the kids had fun being buried

Sitting around the campfire...can you see how grubby Joshua is? Boy heaven.

Tim and Kate

the most adorable sandy cheeks I've ever seen

the family campsite

what you look like after sleeping in a tent with five kids
we made fairy houses in the trees
All the girls were so excited in the morning when they discovered that fairies had come to visit in the night!


Jessica said...

What neat pictures! Love those fairy houses, too!

amy morgan said...

LOVE the sandy "cheeks"!! TOO cute! And what fun. . . I believe we may have to find a place to make a fairy house too - - do you have to leave bait (like the tooth fairy?) or do they just know where to go?! ;D

Pam said...

I want to do fairy houses with my girls too!! Did you leave something in there at night? Share your cute ideas! I want to be more creative ;)

Emily said...

Hey Tiffany, how are you? Good to check in and see your kids and new fun pics! I drove by the other day and your kids were out selling lemonade. They are so fun, I couldn't stop because I was in a hurry but I'd love to get together sometime with whoever...we miss the old gang/ward. We've been homesick, I must say that. I drove the kids past the house and they both broke out sobbing...oops! But we love our new house too. But we'd sure love to get together sometime if any of you girls get together call me. :)

Julie said...

I forget that you are "married in" You are a great sister! Love the pictures!